Free professional design advice at your home

We pride ourselves on the personal touch with our home or commercial design services in York & Harrogate, and nothing compares to a face to face meeting at your home. You will receive a visit from a fully trained and experienced home design professional, packed full of useful advice on design, budget, planning issues, construction methods, building control, project management and so much more. There is no hard sell, we like to know you have had expert advice before jumping into your project.

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    What is a CK Architectural designer?

    Whether they are Architects, Surveyors, Technicians or Architectural designers, our CKA representatives are incredibly experienced and trained in our simple systematised delivery process. Given that there are many questions and uncertainties a client may have about the project process, we ensure our specialist home architectural designers have everything they need to give the right advice.

    We firmly and passionately believe we give you, the client, all the best advice and information to make the best choices for your home. We pride ourselves on quality from the start, our initial consultations are free and will involve an in-depth assessment of your property. We will look at the capabilities and potential of the property, the site as a whole and the wider impact on the environment and neighbours.