Construction Project Management

Project Management is quickly becoming a regularly requested service with ourselves. For clients who simply wish for an experienced professional to take control and run the project on their behalf.

There can be for several reasons for this ranging from the client being too busy themselves or not having enough knowledge of the building process. Generally, our clients want someone who they know has the required experience and knowledge, who will act in their best interests during all aspects of the process.  

Weather you are considering a small single storey extension, a large double storey extension or even a new build house we have the experience and knowledge to offer a Project Management Service.

construction project management

In many cases we find that a lot of clients view new building work as daunting and disruptive to their lives.  It is our job within the project management role to minimize these concerns through applying an organised system which will ensure all the required processes and targets are achieved in the correct order and time. With these processes being controlled it becomes simpler to manage a build and delivers the main objectives / goals of delivering a final build within the agreed programme and cost whilst meeting the required quality / workmanship. We have witnessed that projects without management and organisation can easily over run and cause unwanted delays.

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The main goals of project management are controlling and organising

  • Programme
  • Cost
  • Payment control
  • Build quality
  • Ensure required compliances

Project Management role starts once the project has achieved planning and building regulations approval. (Stages 5-7 of the RIBA Plan of Works) We can start this role whether your planning / building regulation drawings were completed by ourselves or by another company / practice.  Delivery of the agreed programme cost and quality to the agreed scope of works are vital to a successful project we ensure that with each project we provide the project management role on, we provide the following items which assists in achieving the objectives.

Construction Drawings

Builder has all the required construction information on the project. As well as supplying the technical / building regulation drawings we also include detailed schematic drawing showing light switches, lights, sockets, radiators etc. This helps avoid any guess work on the requirements at the pricing and building stages.

Planning applications in York
Schedule of Works

To ensure the builder prices for the exact works required we will issue the builder with a schedule which describes the agreed scope of works. This will be a list outlining the required works from excavation through to final decoration.  It also includes items such floor finishes, kitchen and bathroom fixtures. We find this schedule allows people to clearly highlight to the builder items they do not want to be priced as they feel they can do the work themselves or know someone who can provide the works at a more competitive rate. This fundamentally applies to final finished items such a decoration; floor finishes and kitchen supply / install.

Construction Work schedule York


To ensure the best price at the required quality. We issue the drawings and any further information to a minimum of 3 builders and make sure they have the same information/project brief.  They will provide us with their tender prices where we can review and report back to the client. The client then can make their own decision based on the information.

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Contract Administration

To ensure that all the duties and obligations between the client and the builder have been legally recorded, we complete a building contract which gives both parties legal protection if any of these items are not met throughout the project. We write the contract to include the final costed drawings, schedules and the builder’s quotation. The contract also covers payment schedule, builder’s insurance and agreement of working conditions whilst they are on site i.e. starting times, use of client’s water, etc. We host a pre-start meeting which includes signing of the contracts by both parties and an introduction to project to ensure all parties understand their obligations under the contract. We currently use the industry standard JCT suite of contracts.

Construction Contract Administration York

Site Inspections

To ensure the works on site are progressing as per the agreed programme and costs we visit the build each week and report progress back to the client. We use these inspections to ensure the quality and the build details are progressing as per the drawings. Every second week we host a meeting on site and we invite the builder and client to be present which allows progress to the discussed and any issues which need resolving can be done. Following each site visit we produce a report on the project which includes checkpoints such as review against programme, report of build variations which may have cost implications and report on all statutory issues i.e. planning, building regulations, party wall issues etc. Our site visits are arranged to ensure the builder has constant discussions with ourselves which ensures the works are built as per the signed-off drawings ensuring the client’s expectations are met.

Construction project management York
Loft Conversion York

The complete project management role is ensuring your property is handed back to you and is ready for use. To ensure the build is complete we coordinate the handover process checking all the statutory requirements have been fulfilled and signed-off, check receipt of all required test certificates, inspect the build to make sure it is as per the drawings and specifications and if not issue a snagging list which identify the items be rectified. As part of the contractual process we set up a defects period to follow the handover. This allows the final stage payment to the builder to be made 3 months after the build is complete (default 3 months in the JCT Home Owner Contract) and is not paid until all defects during this period are rectified and signed off.

Project Management can bring many benefits to your build which include saving you time, stress and money. We can achieve this as we bring to the project:

  • Our expertise and experience
  • Become a single point of contact for the build.
  • Improve the efficiency of the project
  • Ensure good communication throughout the project
  • Control costs, programme and quality.

Our fee for project management is based upon time during the project but as guidance it is approximately 5% of the build cost.

Look at some of our recently completed projects.

Description: Dormer Loft Conversion and sine Storey rear extension with internal alterations

Cost: £60k – £70k

Description: Double Storey Garage Conversion

Cost: £80k – £90k


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